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By Peter Hlavin

Improving Private Equity Returns - Don’t leave money on the table

In the private equity world, it’s all about the deal. When a major deal is closed, it is rightly celebrated by the team that worked hard to make it happen, as it should be. But after the champagne corks are popped and accolades traded, it’s time for the real work to begin, and this is where trouble often starts. A myriad of issues in the newly acquired firm suddenly crop up, including operational issues. Click below for the full story:

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Featured Case Study

Case Study

Operational Due Diligence: USA & China

A $700 Million Private Equity fund was interested in acquiring a $100 Million industrial components manufacturer with a US and China presence. Given their limited experience in cross-border deals, the PEG retained TriVista to conduct a detailed Operational Due Diligence in both the US & China.

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