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By Carl C. Offhaus

Is the economy driving you to revisit your transportation strategy?

There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to transportation, economic fluctuations have made a huge impact. Within a decade, the logistics industry has done a 180 – from an overabundance of trucks and drivers vying for companies’ precious cargo by offering competitive pricing, to a smaller number of transportation companies hard pressed to meet their commitments despite considerable rate increases.

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Featured Case Study

Case Study

Operational Cost Improvement - Lean Six Sigma Methodologies Identify $1.0M of EBITDA savings

A private equity backed custom printing and plastic packaging company was facing challenges attributed to a series of recent acquisitions, along with a sub-optimized inventory management and forecasting process. Despite a dramatic increase in sales over the past three years, the client struggled to realize full profit potential. The bottom line EBITDA savings did not track relative to the increase in sales.

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